Working out the ‘kinks’ with new authors Melina Greenport & Silas Bliss

More and more writers are finding their home in the Erotica genre, and we couldn’t be happier because that means more voices and more creativity! Today, we’d like to introduce you to a couple of relatively new writers; Melina Greenport (Purity) and Silas Bliss (Jilling Off). These two contributors in The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Vol.2 anthology are here to discuss how they’re working out the kinks.

Erotica is all about people communicating, and that’s a tricky thing to convey within an often very minimal word count limit. When writing a short story, one must accomplish a lot. A good erotic story requires tension-filled scenes designed to expose the roots of our character’s motives, where the interplay turns readers on. Familiarity matters, and it’s not easy to encapsulate the human experience in a way that connects character to reader—to answer the question, ‘Who is my character.’ As they say, the struggle is real, and there are many aspects of this creative writing effort that are uniquely challenging.

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“5 Mistakes I’ve Made Writing Erotica”
Melina Greenport


I’m immensely excited to have a story in Rose Caraway’s anthology Dirt 30, Vol. 2 from Stupid Fish Productions. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate my second anniversary as an erotica writer. A look back at my first two years of spinning sexy tales wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t acknowledge some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

1. My lexicon errs on the side of the anatomical.
We’re talking cringe-worthy. Take this vignette from September 2015. “He painted every inch except my nipples, my vulva and the flesh between my buttocks.” As if vulva’s not bad enough, flesh between my buttocks is super mortifying. It’s tricky because I don’t think ass crack would be much better. There’s character and voice to consider. We all have preferences. I prefer specificity to ambiguity. Slipperiness to heat. Cock to member. Cunt to pussy. And—sue me—I do, I do prefer vulva to folds.

2. I rush things.
My characters often end up racing towards orgasm before they even make eye contact. Luckily, when Rose edited Dirty 30, Vol. 2 she gave me an opportunity to improve. Earlier versions of my story “Purity” didn’t have as much lustful tension as Rose eventually coaxed out of it. Under her editorial guidance, I learned to think about how basics like reactions and responses can ignite chemistry between characters.

3. I’ve underestimated the power of connection.
I wrote a dozen erotica stories before I found myself portraying love. I still remember the moment I realized this. It was during my first attempt at writing tentacle porn. I was in the dream state writing often induces—typing away about an alien in the year 2418 and his state-sanctioned copulation partner—when the surprise hit me, they love each other. At once, I was more emotionally involved in the story because they were emotionally involved with each other.

4. Where’s the fucking?
A few months in, one of my trusted readers reflected back to me that I’d written yet another story without any actual sex. (I know, I know, define “actual sex”.) Skimming the titles at my website, I noticed he was right. I have a habit of dancing right up to the edge and then stopping. Maybe this is a matter of discipline. Maybe I need to stay in the writing chair and force my characters to dwell in their scenes a bit longer. Sounds like this habit has a delicious cure.

5. I thought I’d be working alone.
Two years ago, when I decided to don an alias and dive into sex fiction, I didn’t anticipate the camaraderie that was waiting for me. The community of erotica writers I stumbled upon through Twitter has been tremendously supportive. There are myriad of educational resources just a click away. I have so much to learn, but I’m in good hands.



“Aural Fixation”
Silas Bliss

When Rose offered me the opportunity to share some thoughts on writing, I was elated. My mood deflated quickly, however, as it occurred to me that I would actually have to offer something of value on the subject. This is problematic for me because I don’t know how to write. I have some ability to create and tell stories that people seem to enjoy, but the process, the skill of writing in a coherent and useable way, that skill is something I am still scrambling to acquire as a new author.

What that means, if you are reading this, is that everything I have to say on the subject deals with what works for me personally. I know what I enjoy reading, and I attempt to duplicate that in my own special way. For me, it is all about the characters. World building, setting, atmosphere, and creative plots are excellent enhancements, but if they are not populated with people I would enjoy hanging out with, well, I might entertain myself for a while by looking at the décor, but in the end, there’s just not enough there to keep me engaged.

Dialog is what does it for me, that’s what draws me in. I like to reveal my characters gradually, through conversation.

My goal is to create a character the reader wants to fuck, or at least someone that the reader would like to watch getting fucked. (I am using the term ‘fuck’ here to cover a broad range of sexual desire.) I like to focus on the initial attraction between characters and how it manifests itself. I love creating that heart-fluttering moment when one character realizes there is interest and so starts upping the flirt factor. I especially enjoy focusing on that next moment when they both know they will fuck, and then how I will get them there. That’s what I like to read, and so it’s what I strive to write.

MELINA GREENPORT was sent to church camp one summer and came home with a crush on the trumpet player—an angelic, full-lipped sweetheart. Now she prays to the god of soil and bark, sky and wings. She specializes in provocative tastes of fiction designed to let your imagination play where her words leave off. She’s currently working on a collection of short stories intent on page-turning, lusty fun.


Twitter: @melinagreenport



SILAS BLISS is a semi-retired, quasi-professional artist. With extra time on his hands, he returned to his youthful love of writing. Thrilled to find that his family and friends enjoyed his stories, he decided to share them with a larger audience. He and his wife live a quiet life of erotic indulgence in a small bible belt town, secretly looking for that perfect poly couple to spend time with.

Twitter: @SilasBliss


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