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It was an incredible honor to interview Leone Ross, author of Come Let Us Sing Anyway, over at The Sexy Librarian’s Blogcast.

I recently read her newly published collection by Peepal Tree Press and fell in love with it. If you are looking for a new read, I highly recommend Come Let Us Sing Anyway.

Especially, if you are a writer, I also suggest that you follow Leone Ross on Twitter because she is doing a unique meme series called #TheArtOfTheSentence. Those little memes carry with them invaluable tips for your writer’s toolbox. She’s also put together a meme series #TheStoryBehindTheStory, a set of tiny interviews pertaining to each story in her Come Let Us Sing Anyway collection, well…all but one story.

OH! And, as if it just couldn’t get any better, stay tuned to the very end of the interview because Leone reads a beautiful snippet from, “And You Know This” as featured in her wonderful collection.


Leone Ross is a novelist, short story writer, editor, journalist and academic of Jamaican and Scottish ancestry. She was born in England and grew up in Jamaica. Her first novel, All The Blood Is Red was long-listed for the Orange Prize, her second novel, Orange Laughter was chosen as a BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour Watershed Fiction favorite. In 2015, Leone was one of three judges for the Manchester Prize for Fiction.

Come Let Us Sing Anyway
by Leone Ross
Published by: Peepal Tree Press
(Available in Paperback & Digital Book)

From headless schoolgirls, to talking food and threesomes, pretty much anything can happen in these witty, weird and wonderful short stories by Leone Ross. Ranging from flash fiction to intense psychological drama, magical realism, horror and erotica, these strange, clever, frank and sometimes very funny stories have a serious side too. Carefully crafted over 15 years, they explore unbounded sexualities, a vision of the fluidity of the person, and politics – from the deaths of black people at the hands of the police, to the deep shifts that signal the subtle changes in the nature of capitalism and much more. These stories may sometimes tickle, sometimes shock; but will always engage both the intellect and the heart.

Click here for Leone Ross’ TedTalk.



The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Vol.1

The Sexy Librarian, Rose Caraway is diligently cataloging her next library of Erotica. But while you wait, why don’t you get acquainted with The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Vol.1! (There are actually 33 stories in this collection, but who’s counting?)

From Kass Goldsworthy’s  cuckolding story titled; “This Is What It’s Like” to Salome Wilde’s exploration into the life of a famous private detective and his unexpected sexual preferences in; “Noirgasm,” this erotica anthology will have your cravings well in hand. Sinclair Sexsmith’s, “Bully” will definitely make you pant–one spank at a time and editing extraordinaire, Rachel Kramer Bussel offers up a unique and endearing perspective of a couple’s closer-than-close relationship in her story titled; “The Weight.”

This erotic library is available in ebook and audiobook, so readers and Lurid Listeners alike will find horny coal miners in Landon Dixon’s “The Copper Kid,” a lonely relic collector who finds a very special marionette in Jade A. Water’s, “The Doll,” and refuge in Lynn Townsend’s, steamy rendezvous;“The Closet.” Follow a couple at the beach and experience their blossoming voyeurism as it takes off in Chase Morgan’s, “On The Rocks.”  Malin James, “The Reader And Her Books” seductively unfolds as a woman reveals her secreted stash of erotica to her lover. There’s a “Green Glass” dildo, an alien, a succubus, sexy flying Dutchmen, tension relieving bondage, public punishment, a geek with a troublesome sassy roommate–and even a selki!

Featuring the extraordinary talents of over 30 contributing authors who understand that sometimes Erotica fans like it hot, sometimes they like it rough, and sometimes they like it very, very… dirty!

Table of Contents:

1. This Is What It’s Like…..Kass Goldsworthy
2. Barcelona…..Malin James
3. The Bells…..Jade A. Waters
4. Bully…..Sinclair Sexsmith
5. Truth…..Emerald
6. Noirgasm…..Salome Wilde
7. The Copper Kid…..Landon Dixon
8. Low Card Flush…..Roger Leatherwood
9. Dear In The Headlights…..Angela Caperton
10. Just Browsing…..Michael M. Jones
11. The Doll…..Jade A. Waters
12. In The Closet…..Lynn Townsend
13. Green Glass…..Tamsin Flowers
14. On The Rocks…..Chase Morgan
15. Serendipity…..Jim Lyon
16. Lost And Found…..Elise Hepner
17. Stitching…..Amy Butcher
18. On A Mission…..Sybil Rush
19. Loosening Up…..Evey Brett
20. A Vision In X-Ray And Visible Light…..Nobilis Reed
21. Interview With A Succubus…..Martha Davis
22. Mystery Visitor…..Michael Lewis
23. Alpha Male…..Jean Roberta
24. Alien Sex…..Alegra Verde
25. My Christmas Gift For Cynthia…..Eva Hore
26. Flipping The Switch…..Victoria Blisse
27. Below The Sea…..T. Fox Dunham
28. Going Dutch…..Dee Maselle
29. Pound A Punnet…..Jillian Boyd
30. Always The Same, Always Changed…..Annabeth Leong
31. The Reader And Her Books…..Malin James
32. The Weight…..Rachel Kramer Bussel
33. Control “Z”…..Rose Caraway

The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Vol.1 is available in Ebook and Audiobook

Janine Ashbless_In Bonds of the Earth

It is with great delight that I share with everyone this interview I had with author Janine Ashbless. She’s, quite simply, a writer after my own heart. In her first book, “Cover Him With Darkness” of The Watchers novels, Janine asks, “If you loved an angel… How far would you fall with him?” I am here to tell you that, for the record, I would totally fall…

All. The. Way.

In this The Sexy Librarian’s Erotica Blogcast interview, Janine discusses the upcoming release of her 2nd book in The Watchers series titled, “In Bonds of the Earth.” I have already read this incredible book, my friends, and I suggest that you click the title link above to pre-order this title for yourself.

Then, I want you to click>> “Cover Him With Darkness so that you may purchase and read her first title in this series. Reading these two books was like watching a movie, folks. There’s action, sex, sensational knowledge-bombs, twists, and turns–you will essentially be breathless during and definitely after reading!

In short…

“An absolute must read. In this, In Bonds of the Earth, Janine Ashbless’ impressive knowledge of primeval Christianity and her passion for plot-brimming storytelling renders yet another gripping fantasy that ravishes readers, all while on a journey to the ancient rock-cut churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia. I must confess…I would follow Ashbless’ Milja and her exquisitely rebellious Azazel anywhere. My heart quickens for book three.”
-Rose Caraway

Ebook Buy Links:
Amazon UKAmazon USAppleGoogle PlayKobo

Paperback Buy Links:
 Buy direct from Sinful PressBarnes and NobleWaterstonesAmazon UK

Janine Ashbless has a book blog tour coming soon, too! She will provide insight into her research, some super hot #SexySnippets of the new book, and she’s going to do a live reading!! Stay tuned for more details.

To stay up to date on all Janine’s blog tour dates and her other (just as interesting and playful postings), you can follow/friend Janine Ashbless on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/janineashbless

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have also had the great pleasure of publishing a few of Janine Ashbless’ stories in, “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica” and “Libidinous Zombie: An Erotic Horror Collection,” and I am here to tell you that if you are a fan of paranormal/fantasy Erotica, that starts hot and stays hot, she is your next favorite author. Janine has also been a featured author over on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast! Have a listen to her short story, The Ingenue.


Janine Ashbless has been seeing her books in print ever since 2000, when her first collection of short stories, Cruel Enchantment, was published by Black Lace (Virgin Books). Her novels, single-author collections, and many short stories have now seen publication by Black Lace, Nexus, Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, Harlequin Spice, Storm Moon, Xcite, Mischief Books, Samhain, Ellora’s Cave and Stupid Fish Productions amongst others. She is co-editor of the nerd erotica anthology Geek Love and was alarmed to find how ruthless and demanding she was in that role.

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Malin James on Mining Yourself

You’ll know it when you feel it. Especially on your face. Good people make you want to smile. Grin, until you split your face wide open and there’s nothing left but teeth. Fellow believers in personal exploration inspire me, and you better believe that Malin James is one of those people. It’s my belief that when we don’t pretend, when we genuinely look into ourselves and reflect and listen and write–when we make an effort to mine ourselves…we can find a semblance of what wholeness feels like. Or, at least we can begin to. And a beginning is something. We really are more than words because sometimes the words aren’t enough. We need stories to ‘get’ us. There’s no doubt that self-examination can be a little spooky, and so we need the communion of others in order to make those special brave dives, sort of tandem-style. A writer’s job is to strap on the goggles, bite onto the mouthpiece of their respirators, grab a handy torch and dive deep. With pen and paper ready. Exploring their own thoughts, dreams, and experiences is not only paramount to consciously existing, it opens up an ability to write more thoughtfully, and thus be more entertaining and relative. And so when you find a writer who speaks honestly, openly, trustingly…listen. Be receptive. And then you too can look in.

My special thanks go to Malin James. Thank you.

Malin James is an essayist, blogger, and short story writer. Her work has appeared in Electric Literature, Bust Magazine, MUTHA, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Medium, as well as anthologies for Cleis, Sweetmeats Press and Stupid Fish Productions. She is currently at work on Roadhouse Blues, a collection for Go Deeper Press. She will be speaking at Eroticon London 2017.

Here are a couple of Malin James’ stories featured on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast. When you are done listening to her interview, scroll down and settle in for some truly erotic storytelling.

Have you written an erotic story?

Does your story fit this call?

Deadline is February 28th!!

Click the link below for submission guidelines.


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Begging For It Erotic Fantasies for Women
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What would you give – or give up – to fulfill your most cherished sex fantasy? In this Cleis Press collection, erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel brings us femme fatales and shy women, women on a mission and women opening up to new worlds of discovery: women who know what they want and are not afraid to beg for it! Let yourself go with these 20 tantalizing tales of tortuous longing and release.


For The Men and The Women Who Love Them
Edited and Narrated by: Rose Caraway
Published by: Stupid Fish Productions

An anthology intended for the fellas AND the women who have an appetite for bold, adventurous erotic storytelling. Escape into the fantastic, the outlandish, and the literary.
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It is with great pride that we announce:

Stupid Fish Productions is in PRINT.

We’ve never been able to say that sentence before. Not until today. Today, it’s possible to touch, smell, and even hold a Stupid Fish Production’s anthology in our actual hands. We’ve been getting a lot of skin-to-book contact over here, and…it feels pretty sexy.
To make an announcement like this is, well, we are giddy. And we really couldn’t be happier having our newly published, FOR THE MEN AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM anthology making it’s print debut. FOR THE MEN is our celebratory torchlight at the end of this 2016. For us, it feels really good to have reached another goal.

Without spending too much time being braggadocious, Dayv and I just wanted to very quickly say…

‘Thank You’ to every Lurid Listener of;
The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast
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‘Thank You’ to all the Writers whose sexy stories
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Thanks again,

Rose Caraway

25 Bold Sex Stories

The Sexy Librarian, Rose Caraway presents an anthology intended for the fellas and the women who have an appetite for bold, adventurous erotic storytelling. Escape into the fantastic, the outlandish, and the literary. Get ready for; a space pirate, a cowgirl, an anxious odd man out, an undercover agent, lonely ghosts, a taxi driver with an unexpected topsy-turvy fare, a burly biker who just wants to be cuddled, a bride-to-be with one last oat to sow, The Devil offering a golden deal, a mysterious hitchhiker, strangers and a spontaneous three-way, and a reluctant hitman. You will find these and many more audacious characters playing out intense encounters.

Featured stories by: Allen Dusk, Jade A. Waters, Terrance Aldon Shaw, Tamsin Flowers, Landon Dixon, Sonnie de Soto, Adrea Kore, D. Lovejoy, Erin Pim, J.T. Seate, Spencer Dryden, Winter Blair, Simon Drax, Lynn Lake, Chase Morgan, Charlie Powell, Josie Jordan, Daily Hollow, Marc Angel, Rachel de Vine, D.L. King, Dorothy Freed, Rachel Kramer Bussel, T.J. Christian, and Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Audiobook  *  eBook  *  Print

The Atrocity Exhibition with Remittance Girl


Remittance Girl is a graduate student. An ‘Erotic Fictician and Academic who is polymorphously perverse’. But do you know why we enjoy Remittance Girl? It’s because she understands that we need to examine and explore our own selves in order for our characters to be believable, relatable, and worth writing about. It was a joy and honor to have her return to The Sexy Librarian’s Blogcast to discuss author, JG Ballard and his experimental collection of linked stories or “condensed novels titled, “The Atrocity Exhibition“. Enjoy.

RemittanceGirl.orgAcademic Page

RemittanceGirl.comFiction Page


“MILF And Cookies” by Spencer Dryden

Erotic Romance has predominately been written and read by women, but today men want to read it, write it, and experience the benefits of erotica too. For The Men And The Women Who Love Them is an anthology that both acknowledges and embraces male and female authors. It’s a collection that highlights unique desires and points of view. We want men included in this creative, erotic space because they’ve been too long told that they shouldn’t. We want/need men writing and reading, thinking about and expressing their erotic selves. It’s how we, as couples and individuals can better understand and support one another. Erotica, and certainly Erotic Romance is for men and women both. In this week’s #WriterlyWisdom, here is For The Men’s contributing author, Spencer Dryden to offer a few words on his writing Erotic Romance from the male point of view.

The Importance of Being Earnest


Why the Male POV is Relevant in Erotic Romance

spencer-drydenHello. I’m Spencer Dryden one of the authors featured in the anthology, For the Men, edited by Rose Caraway. My story, MILF and Cookies, is a holiday M/F vanilla romance story suitable for the Hallmark Channel; if Hallmark did erotic romance. (Wouldn’t that be cool?)

My story, however, is a little different from the standard romance trope. Sure the protagonists eventually connect, but my story is completely from the point of view of the male character. The reader only learns about the woman though her dialogue and action. That’s how life is for us, guys. We aren’t party to the inner dialogue of the female character. As a result, we often miss or misinterpret their desires and intentions. Perhaps even more unconventional, my main character isn’t an alpha male, billionaire bad boy or self-destructive egomaniac. He’s just an ordinary guy, a handyman who is a little clueless about the romantic notions of his client—a woman he has strong feelings for, but thinks her beyond his reach. (In the Hallmark trope, it’s usually reversed.) It’s light hearted fun.

Beyond entertainment, which is all my story is intended to be, a male point of view offers the reader an opportunity to experience romance from a different perspective. The statistics tell us that women are the predominant consumers of romance, so understandably the vast majority of it is about female fantasies and desires. I wouldn’t want to imply that women can’t write from a male point of view, what I’d like to suggest is that a man’s experience of romance or a romantic encounter, told through authentic characters, is deserving of better labeling than “stroke.” We think differently, process differently, especially sexual triggers. An earnest portrayal of a straight man seen through a male lens might just open some doors of understanding, in the same way that M/M, F/F, BDSM—the whole alphabet soup of sub-genres—opens our understanding of others.

I hope the For the Men anthology will open the door to half of the adult population. As best I can tell, the most successful sub-genre of erotica is M/M. Much of it is written by women, but it is read by men and women, most likely because the male readers can identify with the characters and the stories. By and large, men don’t read M/F erotic romance. Maybe if they identified more with the characters and the story we’d all get a few more sales.

“MILF And Cookies”
by Spencer Dryden

milf-and-cookies-by-spencer-dryden-squareFrom my dungeon beneath the kitchen sink, I could hear the water cascading down the pipes from the master bath above. The thought of the warm, gentle stream caressing Judy’s firm breasts and trickling between her thighs sent so much blood gushing to my cock; I thought I might get stuck under the cabinet. Thankfully, the work distracted me from my fantasies of barging into the shower, hoisting her onto my cock, pinning her against the wall and banging her hard.

I had just finished when she breezed into the kitchen, scrubbing her hair dry with a towel. Still in the loose fitting bathrobe, raising her arms for the task all but exposed her breasts. She caught me looking and gave me a knowing grin as I turned away, red-faced again, to flip the switch to the disposal and use the sprayer to demonstrate the repairs.

“Nice,” she said after the noise of the test run had faded. “Do the curtain rods next. I’m tired of living in a fish bowl.”

She walked over toward the large window on the west wall of the living room and sat at the edge of the couch. To hide my erection, I pulled my shirt tails over my belt. At the window, I scaled my three step, utility ladder. Once again, work cooled the savage lust. I turned toward her. I swear she was staring at my ass. “Hand me that little black box thing there, would you?” I pointed to the crowded tool box near her feet.

“This?” she asked, clutching the top of her robe as she bent to pick up the small device.


“What is it?”

“It’s a stud finder.”

“Really?” she asked in a teasing voice. “How does it work?” She started to hand the tool to me then pulled it back when she squeezed the sides, causing the indicator lights to fire. She held it to my leg and moved it around. “I think it’s working.”

She seemed delighted to see me blush. I shook my head as she handed the tool to me. I found the stud and had the curtain rod anchors solidly in place in a matter of minutes. I admit I was more than a little unnerved by her attentive gaze. I kept telling myself she was just curious about the work. The curtains in place, I stepped down from the ladder and directed her to the pull chord.

“Some privacy at last,” she said, smiling as the curtains closed out the afternoon sun. “Now, I want to loop some garland over the curtain rod.”

She scurried across the room and returned with a coil of neatly wound garland. She fed it to me while I weaved it along. As I stepped down to admire my work, she shook her head.

“I want more loop,” she said.

I gave her a puzzled look.

“I’ll do it,” she said turning the ladder sideways to the window.

She ascended the ladder, its broad bottom steps provided stability, but it was not tall enough for her to reach the top of the curtain rod. She stepped up onto the narrow top step. The ladder wobbled in protest.

“Hold on to me, okay?” She looked nervous, but determined, as she stood to her full height, still, just barely able to reach the top of the rod.

I think I moaned when I took hold of her, my hands on her firm middle, my nose almost against the knot of her red robe. My memory is a little fuzzy as something like a Christmas miracle happened. She adjusted the first of the loops then turned more toward me, while taking more of the garland, her hand brushed against the knot on the robe’s belt. The knot slipped, and the soft fabric opened like curtains to the Promised Land. There I was, my nose right in front of the most beautifully trimmed pussy I had seen in a long time. Her scent robbed me of any words, quickly boring its way into an ancient part of my sex-starved brain where there are no words, only savage urges.

I could feel her breath quicken as she gently stroked my hair. A tiny droplet of her nectar trickled down the inside of her thigh. There was an awkward silence. I don’t know which of us was trembling more as I ran my nose along the taut skin of her lower tummy and on through to the soft landing patch of reddish blonde hair.

That’s when I lost it. I lapped the succulent drop like a man dying of thirst. Instead of a slap or a scream, Judy moaned in delight.

“Oh yes,” she whispered as she pulled me closer.

ftm-title-on-whiteI licked along the length of her shimmering pussy with a broad swipe of my tongue as if licking frosting from a spatula. She gasped. Her knees buckled, and I immediately clutched her butt and hips—she was as light as a feather and I guided her down to the floor with ease. She slipped from the robe and spread her legs wide, then tilted her hips to greet my craven tongue. Her milky smooth inner labia offered the sweetness of her juices, its aroma overtaking the fresh pine scent from the tree. Beneath the twinkling lights, her growing song of ecstasy was the sweetest Christmas music my ears had ever heard. Her groans were deep, and her breathing ragged as I pushed my tongue into her opening, lapping as a beggar at a trough of rare wine. Her scent enveloped me in a cloud of mental fog, my thoughts replaced by urges of thrusting and ramming.

It had been so long since I’d eaten pussy I’d all but forgotten the intoxicating power of it as I probed with my tongue, deeper between her smooth folds. I’d never seen an angel come before until I surrounded her swollen clit with my mouth. Her purrs grew louder, hard gasps flew from her circled lips. Her undulating hips stilled as her body tensed in an orgasm. Her soulful moan, like nothing I’d ever heard before, triggered a surge of pride in my mind while making my groin ache with lust.

She guided me up to her face with a gentle tug on my hair and said, “I want you inside of me.”for-the-men_cover_final

#ICYMI: Last week’s #SexySnippet was of Terrance Aldon Shaw’s, Making Hay and his #WriterlyWisdom – On Dialogue.





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Rose Caraway interviews, Dr. David Ley, PHD

headshotIt is SO great to be back!! It has been a while, but, The Sexy Librarian Blog-cast returns with Rose Caraway interviewing author, Dr. David Ley. They discuss, cuckolding, sex today, the power of fantasy & communication.

Dr. David Ley is a clinical psychologist. He’s earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the University of New Mexico. He is the Executive Director of New Mexico Solutions–an outpatient mental health and substance abuse program in Albuquerque, NM.

Dr. David Ley also writes for Psychology Today. You can follow Ley on Twitter: @DrDavidLey and you can find him on FacebookEnjoy!!


Books by Dr. David Ley:
Insatiable Wives
The Myth of Sex Addiction
Ethical Porn For Dicks: A Man’s Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure