People Porn with Malin James

As you may well know, one of our most favorite things to do while celebrating the release of a brand new anthology is to offer up a few #WriterlyWisdoms and #SexySnippets. Whether you are a long-time writer or an aspiring one, a KMQ #LuridListener or a brand new fan of Erotica, we at S.F. Productions always like to share helpful inside looks at the Art & Craft of Erotica. Not only do we hope to provide writers with something valuable to add to their writer tool boxes, we also thoroughly love introducing a few of our talented contributing authors while highlighting samples of their wonderful stories, so that readers get an idea of what to expect. Because, of course, everybody can use a super hot #SexySnippet.

No matter its style, when written well, an erotic story should affect our minds and our bodies. Today, we welcome returning author, Malin James to briefly discuss a little bit of what it takes to write a story that’s designed to engage the reader/listener on a much deeper and more satisfying level so that they come back for more.

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“People Porn”
Malin James

Fair warning, this post doesn’t distinguish between erotica and porn. It also doesn’t distinguish between erotic fiction, “literary” porn and smut. It doesn’t even distinguish between literature and sex writing. Those distinctions are too subjective and market-driven to help when it comes to craft. Good writing is good writing, regardless of market conventions, and that standard applies to all genres, including genres that focus on sex.

So, how do you make sex writing “good” writing? A lot of that depends on why you’re writing the story. Good sex that’s intended to turn the reader on is different than good sex that confronts, explores, or seeks to understand, but there is one set of tools you can apply to sex in all writing, regardless of intent.

The biggest mistake people make when they start writing erotica is to put all of the emphasis on scene and kink. Sure, they’re important, but if you want an m/f/m story to get a rise (heh) out of someone who hates threesomes, you have to go beyond that, to specificity and characterization. Those are the tools to bank on.

People read porn because they want to be affected. Erotica is like horror in that way, except that instead of wanting to be terrified, the reader wants to be turned on. Arousal is a visceral response, just like fear is. The one quality all good sex writing has, regardless of kink, scene or label, is that it gets a visceral response out of the reader. How / where the characters fuck is mechanics. Why the characters fuck is visceral.

Here’s what I mean.

“He fucked her on the table.”

They could be people, sloths or sentient dust bunnies—it doesn’t matter, so long as the tab goes into the slot. There’s nothing wrong with that, there just isn’t much for readers to get lost in.

“He fucked her after the funeral—bone cracking, angry fucking, with her legs wrapped tight around his waist.”

That is visceral and specific. A guy fucking a woman who embraces his anger. It’s not about the fact that they’re fucking, it’s about the anger and humanity that underpin the sex.

Important note: For all its specificity, that sentence isn’t “literary”. Sure, the sex could be about guilt or mortality, but the story could also just be about two people having angry sex after a funeral. Either way, the hot, visceral goodness is in the people, not in kink or scene.

So, if you want to write good porn (or erotica, or sex in general), avoid tabs and slots. Put people in your porn. Complicate your characters. Use meaningful details—a tear in her stocking, dirt under his nails—to get under the reader’s skin. Erotica, literature, porn…the label doesn’t matter. Make your characters specific, and the reader will care. If they care, you’ll get that visceral response. Get that response and they’re yours.

That is how you make them come back for more.



Simon studied my face. “I need you naked…if you don’t mind.” The lines around his mouth tensed as if he expected me to laugh.

I didn’t laugh. I nodded and turned around before unbuttoning my shirt.

Simon didn’t move.

For one delicious moment, I wondered if he was going to watch.

Then, he muttered something under his breath and started to leave the room. “I’ll come back when you’re done. There’s a robe on the chair.”

My hands shook as I shrugged off my shirt. I was much more nervous than I’d have liked as I wrapped myself up in the robe, deliciously aware that I was naked underneath. It was huge and threadbare, obviously his, and I wondered how often he wore it and who had given it to him, and who had worn it last—useless questions, all of them, but my brain wouldn’t stop.

Needing to move, I drifted around the apartment inhaling the robe’s clovey scent and loving the way the worn, plaid flannel brushed against my skin. One canvas, in particular—a smaller one that was propped on an easel—stood out. It was soft and lush, like velvet, and full of coiling shapes. It looked like a nautilus or the inside of a mouth. The layers pulled at me, making demands. My fingers itched to touch.

“I just finished that one. Do you like it?”

Every nerve in me jumped, but my gaze stayed on the painting.

“I think it would swallow me if it could.”

“You’d have to let it first.”

I looked at him, dizzy and exposed as the space between us narrowed, compressing ten years. I was so wet, so swollen, so absolutely drenched that I wouldn’t be able to hide it once the robe came off, but I didn’t care. It took everything I had not to kiss the curve of his jaw.

“Where do you want me?” I asked.

Simon cleared his throat. “On the couch-thing.”

He glanced at the futon. I nodded and crossed the room.

My fingers were cool as I untied the belt, but they were trembling—tiny tremors in the tips that only I could see. The robe slipped off my shoulders and pooled at my feet. I bent to pick it up.

“Leave it,” he said. He was right behind me. “I didn’t know you were inked.”

Simon didn’t touch me, but he didn’t need to. I felt his fingertips floating just above my skin as he followed the vines that coiled around my waist.

“It’s not who I am anymore,” I murmured.

His breathing went slightly ragged, hot on my too-flushed skin.

I leaned back into his whiskey-like warmth and subtly shifted my hips. “Should I sit?”


I turned around and sat, overly aware of everything—his height, his hands, the crinkle in his brow.

His eyes met mine, and he knelt at my feet. “I thought so,” he murmured, taking me in from the angle of my neck to the flexible bend of my toes. Then, he plucked the glasses from his collar and put them on as if it would help him think. “Can I touch you?” he asked. “To move you, I mean.”

“Yes. Of course,” I said.

My voice was cool and steady. My voice was a lie. I wanted him to touch me. I always had. The second he did, I was lost in a lick of heat.

His hand brushed my arm, and then wrapped around my wrist.

Beneath the skin, my nerves jumped, shaking off dust and years of remembering until I felt like a bundle of live wires. I was hungry and hot, sitting on that couch, steeped in the pleasure of wanting him.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, he placed my hand on my knee. Then, he covered my hand with his and gently parted my legs.

My clit throbbed. I was so wet it was obscene. I needed him to touch me. Not respectfully or thoughtfully. I needed him to bruise my skin.

I straightened my spine, displaying my breasts, nipples hard and aching to be sucked.

Simon’s snake-charmer eyes met mine as he skimmed my thigh with his thumb before settling on my waist.

The need to kiss him filled my mouth, but before I could even part my lips, his mouth was hard on mine.

He tastes like cloves and whiskey—that was my last coherent thought before he grabbed my hips and pulled me against his chest. I spread my legs and pressed my cunt against the bulge in his jeans, but it wasn’t enough, not even close—not after ten years.

Desperate, I ground my hips against him and snatched at his clothes. The button of his fly rubbed against my clit, sending ripples of pleasure down through the balls of my feet. Arching into him, I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He gripped my ass and lifted me as he stood. Simon walked us backwards, kissing and licking and nipping at my lips.

I was mindlessly turned on. It wasn’t until I was lying on my back, with Simon between my legs, that I noticed I was in the middle of the canvas he’d prepared.

“So, this is how you paint,” I said. My voice sounded porny as hell. It was laughable, but I didn’t care. I felt fucking porny with him kneeling over me like that.

“Not always,” he replied, yanking off his shirt.


Malin James is an essayist, blogger, and short story writer. Her work has appeared in Electric Literature, Bust, MUTHA, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Medium, as well as in podcasts and anthologies for Cleis Press, Sweetmeats Press and Stupid Fish Productions. Her first collection, Roadhouse Blues, is now out with Go Deeper Press.


Twitter: @MalinMJames

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Malin James – Roadhouse Blues

I love talking with other Erotica authors on The Sexy Librarian’s Blogcast. One of my most favorite Erotica guest authors is Malin James. She’s very recently come out with her first book titled, Roadhouse Blues, published by Go Deeper Press. Malin joins me on the show to talk about this new collection of short stories that are intensely erotic, set in middle-America. If you’ve not yet read anything by Malin, you should drop what you are reading currently and head over to Amazon to grab your print copy or digital copy of Roadhouse Blues. I’ve read it, I love it, I know you will too. Malin writes stories based on characters who dive unflinchingly into desperation, insecurity, connection and super-hot lust. Malin James does not write cookie-cutter characters. She writes about people. She’s been a featured writer on the KMQ podcast several times for this very reason. Malin’s also been an outstanding contributor to several of my anthologies over the years, and now I get to celebrate with all of you, Malin’s latest, greatest achievement. Be sure to stay tuned, after the interview for a #SexySnippet of Roadhouse Blues, read by lovely Malin James. Enjoy!!


Welcome to Styx—a blue-collar, American town where people can do whatever they like, so long as they don’t advertise. From a 1950s diner to the back of a rocking Camaro, the stories in Roadhouse Blues reveal sex that is by turns romantic, raw, triumphant, and desperate. Meet two women grieving the same man, a bartender looking for anything but love, and a hot, brash newlywed who knows she married a cheat. The local garage is run by a kick-ass woman who gives as fierce as she gets, and the strip club is a place full of whiskey and smoke, where memories are exposed as easily as skin.


Seriously, for your next read, order your very own copy of Roadhouse Blues!! As always, any reviews are greatly appreciated.

Go Deeper Press


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Malin James on Mining Yourself

You’ll know it when you feel it. Especially on your face. Good people make you want to smile. Grin, until you split your face wide open and there’s nothing left but teeth. Fellow believers in personal exploration inspire me, and you better believe that Malin James is one of those people. It’s my belief that when we don’t pretend, when we genuinely look into ourselves and reflect and listen and write–when we make an effort to mine ourselves…we can find a semblance of what wholeness feels like. Or, at least we can begin to. And a beginning is something. We really are more than words because sometimes the words aren’t enough. We need stories to ‘get’ us. There’s no doubt that self-examination can be a little spooky, and so we need the communion of others in order to make those special brave dives, sort of tandem-style. A writer’s job is to strap on the goggles, bite onto the mouthpiece of their respirators, grab a handy torch and dive deep. With pen and paper ready. Exploring their own thoughts, dreams, and experiences is not only paramount to consciously existing, it opens up an ability to write more thoughtfully, and thus be more entertaining and relative. And so when you find a writer who speaks honestly, openly, trustingly…listen. Be receptive. And then you too can look in.

My special thanks go to Malin James. Thank you.

Malin James is an essayist, blogger, and short story writer. Her work has appeared in Electric Literature, Bust Magazine, MUTHA, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Medium, as well as anthologies for Cleis, Sweetmeats Press and Stupid Fish Productions. She is currently at work on Roadhouse Blues, a collection for Go Deeper Press. She will be speaking at Eroticon London 2017.

Here are a couple of Malin James’ stories featured on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast. When you are done listening to her interview, scroll down and settle in for some truly erotic storytelling.

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Editor, podcaster, and Anais Nin expert, Paul Herron of Sky Blue Press invited an entire panel of guests including; Lana Fox of Go Deeper Press, women’s sexuality expert Anain Bjorkquist, Nin scholar Jessica Gilbey, and Rose Caraway to join him in a discussion about the latest publication of two of Anais Nin’s lost works; Life In Provincetown and Marcel. These two books are now officially published in one incredible book; Auletris. Paul Herron is literally the Indiana Jones of all things Anais Nin. When he also discovered a certain postcard, the cover of Auletris was decided. There is only one Matron of Erotica and that is, Anais Nin. Auletris is now available in print for all Anais Nin fans. To listen to Rose Caraway narrate a passage from the book Marcel and to hear the panel discussion on the Anais Nin Podcast, click here: Lost Anais Nin Erotica.

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#Sexy Snippet “Breasted” by Landon Dixon


The amount of writerly talent out there is immeasurable. With an endless sea of writers, each bringing with them their own individual styles and personalities, I was particularly struck by Landon Dixon’s…unusual language. His contributing tale, Breasted made me laugh until my face cracked. (I may have even cackled.) Today, I want to highlight Landon Dixon’s ability to make me laugh, snort, and smile ridiculously big as he clearly revels in disrupting the literary norm with his use of elaborate, artistic, knee-slapping erotic prose. I hope you enjoy today’s #SexySnippet, and this dab of #WriterlyWisdom by Landon Dixon.

“Make A List”
by Landon Dixon

This is how I always write, and talk, and act.

Just kidding. Breasted was originally written for a magazine that specialized in women’s large breasts; but, unfortunately, they’d stopped using fiction by the time I sent in the story. Since I’d sold other stories to this magazine, and other bra-busters like it, I’d, yes, actually compiled a three-page list of synonyms for breasts, about 100 or more in total; everything from ‘lung warts’ to ‘laden saddlebags’. The style of story-telling reflects my love of pulp magazines and paperback hardboiled crime fiction, as well, and the prose used therein. Frankly, I enjoy writing in this style, with a tongue-in-cheek (and between bazongas) humorous slant, and find it very easy to do so.

by Landon Dixon

breastedI clutched Samantha’s huge, creamy-white tits. Squeezed them. Kneaded them. Sucked on the rigidly pointing pink nipples—filled my hands and my face. The babe was stretched flat on her back, on the bed—me on top of her, all over her tits. I’ve got a raging penchant for stacked broads, and this one was double-decker material.

“Fuck me, Jake!” she pleaded, writhing her blonde head around on the pillow. “Please, stick your cock inside me and fuck me!”

We were both naked, my molten rod branding her sodden pussy fur. “Not yet, baby!” I gritted. “Not ‘til I’ve worked over your luscious boobs to my heart’s content.”

I’ve been a breast man since my days back in the orphanage with the volunteer wet nurses, and Samantha had two of the biggest, boldest, firmest jugs I’d ever laid eyes or hands or lips on.

I slammed Samantha’s knockers together so that her chest and the bed shook. Then I splayed my tongue across both of her rubbery jutters at once, clenching the meat and teasing the tips.

She moaned, squirmed. Her giant breasts were sensitive as I dug my fingernails into the thick, hot masses and sucked on the pressurized caps—mouthing one nipple and tugging the other. They tasted just as delicious as they looked, I realized then that the woman’s pink pebbled areolas spanned as wide as my four fingers.

Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth gaped open. “Please, Jake! Fuck my pussy!”

My dick was more than willing and able. But it needed a little more greasing than the grinding her moist, matted pussy fur was providing. I jumped up onto my knees, straddled her heaving, heaped chest and sat down on her wet, handled tits. I rode high, soft and hot, teetering as she sucked air into her overdeveloped lungs in large gasps. Then I tilted downwards and stuck my cock into her mouth.

Samantha’s squirming red lips sealed tight around my swollen veined shaft quickly, and she started sucking. She eagerly bobbed her beautiful head forward, gobbling up more of my prong. I was stretched out and pointed downward, throbbing to my full length, and she fully consumed me with an appetite as big as her jugs.

I reveled in the wanton wet heat of her mouth and throat for a while, staring down at her bulged cheeks and flared nostrils, the wild look in her eyes. Then I pulled out. “Easy, baby,” I said, dripping into her canyonesque cleavage. “Give me a chance to get a good seat on your knockers.”

Angry impatience, rapacious hunger filled her glaring blue eyes. As I adjusted my bare butt on her more than ample chest cushions, wholly enjoying the velvety feel of the rounded smooth jug skins against my bristled buttocks, her over-engorged nipples tickled against my big, hairy, hanging balls. I found the sweet prop spot, settled in, riding high on her hooters, cock pronging skyward.

“Back in the saddle,” I sang. Then angled my thick rope of dick downward again, reentering the plush, heated confines of the babe’s mouth.

She instantly sucked, ravenously, wet-vaccing my dong like she’d bite it off if I dared try to jerk it out of her mouth again. I thrust my hips back and forth, helping her take me still deeper, along her wet, budded tongue and down past her fat tonsils. I grabbed onto her hair to steady myself, riding her tits at a trot, canting cock down her throat, using her silky blonde strands as a bridle.

She urgently sucked forward and back, shoved her mountainous mambas together so that I shot up still higher, her ultra-stiff nipples pressing into either side of my sack. I bucked, yelped, flung my head back, riding roughshod.

The woman’s maw was wet wanton heaven, her tongue a smooth sliding snake. My nipple-teased balls boiled with tension.


#ICYMI: Last week’s #SexySnippet was of Jade A. Waters’, 73A and her #WriterlyWisdom regarding Tension and Desire.





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Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica
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the-prototype_malin-jamesWe are celebrating the release of our latest audiobook!
Rachel Kramer Bussel’s, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica. There’s a new episode up on the podcast. Malin James returns to the KMQ with her contributing story, “The Prototype”.

Come Again #Giveaway
If you want to enter the drawing to win either a copy of  the “Come Again” anthology, autographed by editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, or the audiobook, narrated by me, just email me at: thekissmequicks (at) gmail (dot) com. Type ‘Come Again Giveaway‘ in the subject line, and let us know which you’d like to win! *This giveaway ends October 24th.