International Women’s Day

On this #InternationalWomensDay, I am gushing with pride.

Today I’m proud to be a woman, a mother, a wife. To be a writer. To be a narrator – a VOICE in Erotica.

I get a little shaky if I dwell on that last bit too long.

If I were to add up all the individual stories that I’ve narrated between the audiobooks and my KMQ podcast, the total number of stories would come to… well, it’s a lot of stories. It’s a lot of voices.

I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to have spoken with many of the most passionate and determined men and women writers in the Erotica genre today. I’ve listened as they’ve described why it is that they write what they write. Where their inspiration comes from. Who it comes from.

It’s 2017, and there have been a lot of brave women in history who’ve fought passionately for something, died for someone, determinedly accomplished the unimaginable, and won the unexpected before I was even born. The reason why today, of all days, is worthy of an extra special mention from me, is because I am particularly honored to get to narrate the erotic words of a very special female writer whose voice is historical. A French woman of Spanish, Cuban, and Danish descent, who many would describe as controversial, poetic and who has unquestioningly gifted us with her gorgeous iconic mark in the Erotic Literary world. A writer who has fought censorship, even in death.

Fellow podcaster Paul Herron of the Anais NIN podcast (which I HIGHLY recommend you listen to), and editor at Sky Blue Press-the Indiana Jones of all things NIN, has asked me to narrate his latest project; Auletris: Erotica, by Anais NIN.


I said ‘Yes.’



“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”

~Anais NIN
(The Quotable Anais NIN)

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